Royal Sonesta Wedding | Boston Wedding Photographers

We first met at hebrew school as children, and then reconnected as adults. We went on our first date at the Scooper Bowl in 2010, and the rest is history!

Tell us about the proposal. (Did you see it coming, how long was it in the planning?, how did you feel? nervous, excited, freaking out?)

Max proposed at the Woodstock Inn in Vermont. He set up signs on the front lawn, and each sign was a picture representing something that happened on our first date. The last sign said ‘Jamie, Will you Marry Me?

Tell us the one thing you love most about each other.

Max loves Jamie’s commitment to happiness. Jamie loves Max’s quirkiness, optimism, and creativity.

What’s your favorite trend for weddings right now? 8) What inspired your décor or theme?

We wanted our wedding to feel light, bright, and joyful.