Crane Beach Engagement Session

This was my first engagement session at Crane Beach and it certainly did not disappoint. As soon as Nick and Nikki (sounds nice right) told me they wanted to do their shoot on a beach in the middle of January I knew we were going to make a great team! Little did we know it was going to be 45 degrees (thats warm for those of you who dont live in New England), lucky us! 

Nick and Nikki showed up looking stunning to say the least. She wore a gorgeous green dress which paired perfectly with Nick’s GQ – styled suit. The sun was peaking out of the clouds just enough to give us great lighting and show off the gorgeous evening sky at the same time. After about an hour of laughs and popping bottles, Nick and Nikki brought out their furry friend, Nike who took to the camera quite nicely. We took Nike for a walk, did some posed portraits and eventually Nike decided it was time to play. After a few doggy kisses Nike thought it would be a good idea to tackle Nikki in her gorgeous dress and continue to pounce her — covering her in sand from head to toe. This made for a perfect time to swap out the outfits. We staged a small picnic that included a couple coffee mugs, a soft blanket, and a few pillows. This worked out nicely since the sun was going down and that January weather was starting showing its true colors. 

Although we didn’t want the shoot to end, beach security rolled up on us in a white pickup truck and kicked us off the beach. Well, her exact words were “you have 10minutes to get out of here or you’ll be locked in.” Needless to say we packed up in record time and got up out of there!