Why should we do an engagement session, what’s the point?

There will be very few times in in your life that you will hire a professional photographer so it’s best to take advantage of it, especially since engagement sessions are included in all collections we offer. An engagement is so laid back and fun and the images always come out amazing since everyone is having such a great time. Not only do you get to pick an awesome location to go be photographed at, but you also get multiple outfit changes which generates tons of diversity in your wedding journey.

Additionally, an engagement session is a great way to become comfortable with your photographer so you’re not nervous in front of the camera on your wedding day. We also offer custom save the dates and custom designed guest sign-in books from the images we create from your engagement session.

What should we wear to our engagement session?

You will bring two outfits to the session, one will be casual and one will be dressier. The casual, we suggest dressy jeans, heels, and a nice blouse you might go to dinner in for the mrs. and jeans with a button down for the mr.  As long as your colors coordinate with each other – they’ll be fine (example – light blue and dark brown look great together whereas red and green don’t go together).  For the second outfit we suggest going a little dressier as long as that fits your personalities.  A dress, whether a summer dress or cocktail dress, with heels and accessories and then your fiancé wearing slacks or khakis- something dressier than jeans.  Be sure your clothes are ironed and lint free.  Opt for form fitting styles and heels vs. loose fit and/or flats for the most photographically flattering figure. 

How quick will we see our images once the event is over?

All of your images will be ready for you to view in your password protected online gallery within 2-3 weeks of your wedding day.

What type of albums do you offer?

Our albums are handcrafted right here in the U.S. We offer a range of albums starting with a simple coffee table style book all the way up to our signature series albums that come with thousands of combinations of leather choices and a host of cover options such as; metal, acrylic, two tone leather, and much more. We believe the album should be the number one priority when it comes to the delivery of your images. The digital world is an amazing thing, but nothing compares to an heirloom quality album.

Do I get all the digital files?

Once the wedding is over, we will narrow down your images to the best ones. You will get all of these images.

How many images do we get from the wedding?

Every wedding is so different it is impossible to give an exact number here. We use an approximate calculation of 50 images per hour, could be more, could be less.

Can I get all of the RAW/un-edited photos?

To put it simple, no. One of my mentors puts it like this, “giving out un-edited RAW files is like going to a restaurant and having them hand you a raw piece of meat, the flour, the deep fryer, oil and tell you to go cook it yourself”. We are a full service photography studio and that means we take care of our clients from start to finish. We also don’t hand over RAW files for quality assurance reasons.

Do we get full rights to the images?

You get rights to your images, yes. The rights you receive are personal rights. This means you have the right to print as many photos as you wish for personal use. 

I don’t see any formal photos on your website or blog, do you take any family shots at the wedding?

Of course we do! Every wedding has formal photos done. This is typically done right after the ceremony or first look. We will send you a family shot list template weeks before your wedding that you can fill out so we don’t miss anyone!

What is a first look?

The first look has become the new traditional standard. More and more brides are doing a first look for so many reasons. Just to name a few;

-The first time you see your soon-to-be husband/wife, it will be private and much more intimate, as it should be.

– You get to choose a location that is special to you and much more photographically appealing.

– Because a first look is so organic and the reactions of seeing your loved one for the first time are so genuine, we create some amazing photojournalistic images.

– Since all the family and portraits are done right after the first look, the bride and groom will typically get to attend cocktail hour, opposed to a traditional wedding, where this is not the case.

Will Nate be shooting our wedding or will there be someone else?

Absolutely. I will be at your wedding shooting with my second photographer unless otherwise agreed upon. If there are multiple clients seeking a single date for their wedding, I do have associate photographers but they will not show up to your wedding without you knowing – before you book us!

How would you describe your style?

I get this question asked all the time and it’s one of the hardest to answer. My style is me and what you see in my portfolio, you may explain it completely different than me so its hard to answer. I do believe my work is much different than your average photographer. I am always looking to create something unique and timeless. I study everything about photography, so I am constantly evolving my posing, lighting, and everything else involved in creating an amazing image.