Top Venues | The Whitby Castle Rye, NY

I had the opportunity to shoot at The Whitby Castle in Rye, NY a few times this year and I wanted to share my experience I had at this wonderful venue. The Whitby recently renovated their reception hall with new paint and brand new hardwood floors among other things. The venue is saturated with natural light during the day and warm accent lighting at night. The main room has vaulted white ceilings with tons of detail. The contrast between the dark wood floors and the light walls creates such an amazing look, a look that have yet to create with any other venue. Because the ceilings are white and at a moderate height, the lighting from photography is extremely soft and flattering, almost painted on.


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Not only is the inside of the castle mind-blowing, but the grounds of the property are equally beautiful. Nested on a golf course just a walking distance away from the Long Island sound, these grounds become a photographers dream. Whitby also provided us with golf carts and allowed us to drive ourselves around to takes photos of the bride and groom. Not only was this convenient, but ridiculously fun! The Whitby also adds an enormous willow tree to their arsenal of landscapes, a tree large enough to walk inside standing and create some amazing images.


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Heading back inside the castle, and up the spiral staircase, you will find  a library room (at least thats what I call it) that has gorgeous natural light, stained glass and shelves littered with wine. This may be my favorite room of the entire place. Back down the spiral staircase and through a small hallway lies a gorgeous stone castle-like bar (1 of 3 bars they have). The uplighting on the bottles creates an almost dreamy-like backdrop.

the_whitby_castle_rye_ny_wedding_photographer-607 the_whitby_castle_rye_ny_wedding_photographer-606 the_whitby_castle_rye_ny_wedding_photographer-391 the_whitby_castle_rye_ny_wedding_photographer-7287 the_whitby_castle_rye_ny_wedding_photographer-6610


I have been to many many venues, one thing that irks me the most is bad linens, old rickety chairs, and outdated floors. At the Whitby, you can expect modern, chic linens, gorgeous flooring, and up to date chairs for all of your guest. This is all packaged with a stellar team of employees that make sure every detail is perfect for your big day.

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Ahh the signature look for The Whitby Castle, the astonishing custom color uplighting of the outside of their building. If time allows me to take the bride and groom outside after dark, this is the spot to go to. With a control room that will customize the uplighting of the building to match your wedding colors, this is a no brainer shot for your wedding day. I tend to use a back light flash to illuminate my couple giving off a dreamy, fairytale look.



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