Portsmouth, NH Coastal Wedding | Diana & Sam

  1. We met through Sam’s sister-in-law. Diana walked into a card store where she was working and had a conversation which then lead to Sam and Diana’s first date.

  2. Sam: There wasn’t just one thing she did it was all the little things Diana did. She was kind and giving, independent and we always found a way to have fun together. I knew I couldn’t be with out her fairly early in the relationship (for example I use to travel a lot for work and I found myself picking flights to get me home the earliest regardless of price or inconvenience). I knew this was serious because the feeling never went away and got stronger. Before I proposed I can honestly say I was more excited than nervous and the hardest thing was holding onto the ring to surprise her. I guess that is was solidified it in my head that this was exactly the person I wanted to spend my life with.
    Diana: I knew Sam was the one after the third time we spent together. I remember calling my mom and crying because I was upset that I wouldn’t see him for 2 days. I felt a connection with Sam that was indescribable.

  3. We had a planned a trip to Jamaica. Sam was acting a bit strange, hands in his pockets and quite fidgety. I was oblivious to any of it because I was convinced that the proposal would happen in the fall. He brought me to a gazebo on the water and got down on his knee. I turned to him and screamed, ran a few feet, threw my wristlest and started crying . He asked me to answer the important question… of course I said yes!!!! A few minutes later I asked him for a redo because my reaction wasn’t the best. Sam replied “no, it’s us”

  4. She is the most caring and selfless person.

    Sam is genuinely a kind hearted man who will always put others in front of himself.


  5. She has an unexplainable aversion to throwing out socks even if they have holes

    Sam likes to sneak drinking milk out of the gallon, even though he knows it makes me bonkers!


  6. Ringing the bell together!
    Being introduced in front of our family and friends as Mr. & Mrs Coco

  7. The first piece of jewelry Sam bought for Diana was an Alex and Ani anchor bracelet from Portsmouth. We both love riding up the coast to Portsmouth. We loved the nautical themed wedding with anchors, sail boats, knots, etc. our wedding colors describe us – navy for a classic, traditional color and a pop fuschia pink (Diana’s favorite color)

  8. Destination wedding!!!!!!

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